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Cabinet Vauban offers legal translation services from English to French and Persian (also known as Farsi) to French. It also offers, catered to your needs, a follow up of your projects over the medium and long term. Translation memos can thus be set up in order to best accompany the development of your company in the long term. For your more specific projects, do not hesitate to contact us in order to be fully involved within the translation process. Indeed, Vauban Translation adapts to your particular needs and challenges. Finally, we will always send e free estimate of the cost before doing the work. This allows us to complete the work rigorously and on schedule.

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French translation ?


  • Security and armed conflicts
  • Legal translation: contracts, deeds of sale
  • Court judgements


  • Website
  • Policy documents
  • newspaper articles



Dictionary – Spell- checking, syntax

– Proof reading of documents with or without the source text

– Help with writing and editing, layout


Right of Asylum

Dublin Regulation, deportation order

Armed conflicts


Humanitarian law

IHL, laws of war
What is the difference between translation and interpreting?
Translation concerns all written documents. In addition, translators generally work into their native language. Interpreting on the other hand, is oral. Interpreters frequently translate in both directions, but preferably into their mother language.
What is localization ?
A process by which a translator adapts a document to a given region or area. This action may thus require not only a change of names but also of voices.
What is a source text / target text?
The source text is the one you want to translate while the target text represents the translated document. The target text is therefore written in the language you wish to be translated into.
What is a liaison interpreter?
The liaison interpreter makes it possible to establish a link between two parties who do not speak the same language. This service is often characterised by an informal setting (work meeting, negotiation). The interpreter does not take notes and memorises the passages before rendering them in the target language.
What is whispering?
Whispering is a technical term used in the world of interpreting. In practice, interpreters work without technical equipment. Therefore, he must whisper the translations into the client’s ear.
What is transcreation?
Transcreation is the process by which the translator adapts a text, often an advertisement with a catch phrase in the source language, to a given region or culture. The marketing world generally uses this term.
What is a certified translation?
A certified translation is a legal and official translation intended primarIly for an administration. It must therefore be carried out by an Expert translator (or a judicial expert) appointed by the Court of Cassation or a Court of Appeal. In addition, certified translations are sometimes called sworn translations.
What is CAT?
Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) refers to all computer tools that help the translator to carry out his work. These tools not only increase the speed of the tasks performed but also promote consistency in the terminology used. In particular, translation software facilitates the creation of multiple translation memos.